Elements of Faith [Aqeeda Beginners]

The Quran is a book that shaped and changed the reality for many individuals and nations throughout history. From idol worshippers to servants of Allah tala the Quran has played a crucial role in opening the eyes of communities and correcting their perception of life. 

Despite this many of us are unaware of these teachings in the Quran that changed the lives of so many of our predecessors. That is why this course has been designed. 

This Course is aimed at teaching the fundamental pillars of belief that the Quran presents. 

A few topics that will be covered:

-Understanding who Allah is

-How he should be acknowledged 

-Attributing concepts and ideologies to Allah

-How the noble Prophets had faith in Allah

-Belief in the noble Angels

-Belief in the Divine instructions and books revealed by Allah

-The Day of Judgement

-The Divine Decree of Allah for all creation

These and many other integral aspects of our belief the Quran tells us will be covered in this course inshallah 

Cost £50

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